Choose a toilet design with utmost sagacity!

A progressively popular trend in bathroom remodeling works is the usage of wall mounted commode. Rather than the old-style wax ring on the floor version, the novel advanced version mounts straight onto the wall. This leaves the floor beneath the toilet effortlessly available for sweeping and wiping.

There are all kinds of stunning bathroom toilet styles to pick from. The key is to select the correct style for your home’s requirements. You have to be aware of any weight bearing concerns when you select a wall mounted commode. If there are lots of plus-sized posteriors in your home then this kind of bathroom toilet may not be your paramount option. While some of these toilets can look pretty clinical in style there are lots that are sculptural and rather attractive looking. One such variety is the steel and porcelain version. The bowl portion of the toilet is molded almost like a silver cone while the lid part that tops it is white porcelain. The distinction in materials is reasonably graceful and very attention-grabbing.

Another exceptional wall mounted commode is the two tone porcelain style. While this style is wall mounted like a customary bathroom toilet, it is the two tone bottom and lid that sets it separately. If you have a sense for color and do not mind standing out from the pack, this just may be the style for you. While some of these have tall gray plumbing fixture attached to the wall, one innovative style houses the silver plumbing in a white porcelain cistern that fastens to the wall also. The tank is broader at the base and reedier at the top. This style is somewhat creative looking and certain to reap you lots of compliments. If you are categorically courageous, you can even find square shaped wall mount commodes. This shape might necessitate a little more getting used to when you are seated, but certainly has a certain cool element to it. Irrespective of which style you select, bear in mind that the wall behind the toilet has to be able to bear the complete weight of not only the individual using the toilet but the commode itself. As long as your wall is physically safe enough to handle the weight burden, this is one bathroom alternative that is worth contemplating. Make sure to choose well.

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